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Workout: May 22, 2020

No Way Out But Through It Run 800m25 Hang squat cleansRun 400m25 ThrustersRun 200m25 renegade rowsRun 200m25 ThrustersRun 400m25 Hang squats cleansRun 800m Click here to sign up for classes!

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Workout: May 21, 2020

Part 1 – Strength A) E2MOM x 5: 3 Floor/bench press B) 4 supersets:12 biceps curls12 skull crushers12 pull-oversRest 60 seconds Part 2 – This Is Not A Drill AMRAP 9:7 devils presses28 double-unders Click here to sign up for classes!

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Workout: May 19, 2020

Part 1 – Strength A) Tempo Bulgarian Split squats 8-8-8-8-8 (40×1)Rest 2 minutesB) Tempo RDL’s 8-8-8-8-8- (40×1)Rest 2 minutesC) 4 giant sets:20 alternating single arm arnold presses20 gorilla chest support rows20 rear delt flies20 diamond push-upsRest 90 seconds Part 2 – Core 5 sets:50 leg raises50 hip thrusts Click to

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Workout: May 17, 2020

Send It Sunday! Partner WOD50 devils presses50 front squatsRun 400m40 devils presses40 front squatsRun 400m30 devils presses30 front squatsRun 400m20 devils presses20 front squatsRun 400m10 devils presses10 front squatsRun 400m*Partners can split the work anyway they choose!

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Workout: May 15, 2020

FNF! Equalize4-7 minute rounds:Run 600m30 hang clean and jerksMax burpee box jump-overs in remaining timeRest 2 minute between rounds Sign Up For Classes Here!

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Workout: May 14, 2020

Part 1  – Strength A) Deadlift 3-3-3-3B) Backsquat 8-8-8-8-8Rest 2 minutes Part 2 – Core AMRAP 15:30 weighted sit-ups20 plate inchworms100ft waiter walk (R)100ft waiter walk (L) Sign Up For Classes Here!

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