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Workout: May 11, 2020

Part 1 – Strength A) Push press 7-7-7-7-7Rest 2 minutes B) 5 supersets:10 floor presses10 single arm rows Rest 60 seconds Part 2 – Fast Feet 2 sets:Run 600mRest 1 minuteRun 400mRest 1 minuteRun 200m Sign up for classes here!

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Workout: May 7, 2020

Part 1  – StrengthA) E2MOM x 6: 2 Back/front squatsB) EMOM x 5:Minute one: 12 split squat thrustersMinute two: 12 muscle cleans Part 2 – Gymnastics ConditioningAMRAP 13:12ft handstand walk or 4 wall walks12 pistols12 toes to bar/ring Sign Up Here For Classes

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Workout: May 4, 2020

Programming May 4th – May 10th Programming this week will feature 2 fun twists on some very classic benchmarks, Cindy and DT. We will continue to squat, press and deadlift at least once a week. We’re finding creative ways to challenge your strength even if you’re not working with a

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Workout: May 3rd, 2020

Online Partner Competition! Workout #10-16 minutes:200 rounds:1 burpee1 jump squat*The work can be divided however the partners choose.*One partner working at a time.*Chest and things touch the deck with a small jump at the top of the burpee. The hands must go on top or behind the head for the

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