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Working Out With Anxiety

Physical activity is an amazing antidote for stress, depression and anxiety. The benefits of movement are well established and {most} care providers encourage you to be physically active. But for some people working out with anxiety can make them feel more anxious. The physical changes we experience during exercise –

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Client Story – Katelyns Fitness & Nutrition Journey

I came to Crystal in March 2019 at my heaviest weight and lowest body confidence. I hated the way I looked and was defeated that I couldn’t figure out my weight loss over the past 15 years. I worked out like crazy and could never manage to lose and maintain

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High Protein Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

I’m on a roll with my pumpkin spice recipes, and it feels so good! This morning I hit the kitchen with my Guns’N’Roses coffee mug, and created the perfect high protein pumpkin spice pancake. The consistency was perfect. They cooked in pretty little circles, they flipped without dripping everywhere or

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Managing Menopause with Lifestyle

As nutrition and fitness coaches, we work with many women who are entering a new stage of life. Perimenopause or menopause brings noticeable changes for some women, and symptoms can vary.  For most women, menopause starts around 51, although there are instances of some women starting sooner or later. Menopause

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204Lifestyle – Veggie Pancakes

I am thrilled to share with you guys an original 204 Lifestyle recipe. These protein pancakes are hands down the best I have ever tasted. I posted a version of these that included whey protein a couple of weeks ago, but this version packs more veggies and only uses egg

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Winnipeg Fitness Community: Thank You for Your Support!

A quick note to the local Winnipeg fitness community: Thank you so much for your messages of support. We appreciate them all a great deal! In case you didn’t read the article we posted yesterday, here’s a quick clarification: We aren’t dead, and we aren’t going out of business. We’re

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Functional Fitness 204 Is Leaving Berry St. to Go Online

Dear community, After much reflection, we’ve decided that we aren’t going to reopen our physical location when we’re allowed to do so. 204 will be leaving Berry Street, and we won’t be looking for a new space. But we aren’t shutting down our business, and we aren’t leaving the fitness

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