Workout: January 11, 2018

Part 1 Cranky Cindy 5 -3 minute rounds: 5  L-pull-ups 10 ring push-ups 20 single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges (50/35lb.)(Alternate at 10 reps) *The pull-ups and push-ups should be very challenging. Add weight if you are getting more than a minute of rest in the round. Rest 5 minutes Part 2 Bad Atlas 3 sets: 10 stone to shoulder, alternating AHAP 200ft stone carry AHAP (not shouldered) 10 loaded leg raises AHAP Time cap: 15 minutes *You can use two different loads for the stone to shoulder and the stone carry.


The Perfect Time To Begin Is Now

It’s a mistake to wait for everything to be “perfect” to begin your fitness & nutrition journey. Life is a laundry list of events, holidays


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