Workout: Feb. 4, 2012


Power-clean practice

Sets, reps, loads and lifts to be assigned by coaches. You goal is to take about 20 minutes to improve your form on the power clean.

A few things to remember:

1. Your feet should land in your squat stance. Wider is not better in the power clean.

2. FINISH THE PULL. That means fully extend your knees and hips viciously before going under the bar. Go under too soon and you’re losing valuable power.

3. Related to No. 2 above, do not pull your feet high off the ground. A large jump indicates an unfinished pull. Extend your knees, hips and ankles at the top of the pull, then skip the feet along the floor to the receiving position (your squat stance).

Reference article (subscription required): The Power Clean.

21-15-9 reps of:

Front or back squats (front squat preferred if your mobility allows it)

Kettlebell swings

The load on the squats should be medium. Very strong athletes could approach body weight. We’re looking for a load that will allow you to do sets of about 10 reps with good form. If the upper back rounds and/or the elbows dip, the load is too heavy or your aren’t setting your core. This is an upper-back workout more than a leg workout.


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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