Workout: Feb. 3, 2012


30 thrusters (45/33)

Row 1,500 meters

30 strict pull-ups/band pull-ups/ring rows

+10 burpees for every broken set of pull-ups/rows (max 70 burpees)

Example: If an athlete does pull-ups as follows – 8, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3 – he has 50 burpees to do before the workout is complete.

Challenge yourself: If you are using rings, set up so that you can’t get 30 unbroken reps. If you are using bands, set up with tension that will allow you to complete 30 pull-ups in about 3-6 sets.

Remember: after rowing 1,500 meters your arms will be fried, so consult with your coach when setting up bands and rings.


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