Workout: Dec. 24, 2012


Today will be Dale’s Garage skill sessions, or you can perform the workout below.

Please note there are three sessions only today: 11 a.m., Noon and 1 p.m. Please sign in as you normally would. Coaches will be present, but these are open-gym sessions.

12 Days of Functional Fitness

Perform the workout just like you would sing the song.

1 deadlift (225/185 lb.)

2 handstand push-ups

3 GHD sit-ups or hollow rocks

4 squats

5 golden ring dips 6 box jumps (24/20 inches)

7 dumbbell (70/55 lb.) or barbell (95/75 lb.) push presses

8 burpees

9 pull-ups

10 kettlebell swings (55/35 lb.)

11 push-ups

1,200 meter row


The Perfect Time To Begin Is Now

It’s a mistake to wait for everything to be “perfect” to begin your fitness & nutrition journey. Life is a laundry list of events, holidays


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