Workout: Aug. 18, 2011


Warm up and practice something that’s hard for you for 10 minutes: HSPU, double-unders, OHS, snatch, clean, jerk, muscle-up, etc.

Use this time to work on something you’re struggling with or something you don’t like. Use no weight and drill technique. Break down a movement to the part where you’re struggling and spend some time there. Lean on the coaches for tips and techniques and commit to making some real progress.

Greg Glassman said, “We fail at the margins of our experience,” so push the limits!

Skills challenge:

Broad jump

Man-maker (2 attempts minimum)

Flexed-arm hang


The Perfect Time To Begin Is Now

It’s a mistake to wait for everything to be “perfect” to begin your fitness & nutrition journey. Life is a laundry list of events, holidays


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