What Could You Accomplish in 2018?

“the most powerful man in fitness today,” but Glassman isn’t like most people in the fitness industry. In fact, he’s not like anyone in the industry. He’s not a loud, bouncy, high-energy trainer like the ones you see on TV. He typically wears jeans, a T-shirt and a baseball cap. He’s about as far from Richard Simmons, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper as you can get. He sounds more like a mathematician than a trainer. That isn’t an accident. Greg was raised by an actual rocket scientist who taught him to demand data and proof. Science is a big deal to Glassman, and when he created his program, he based it on data. I’m no mathematician, but Greg’s system instantly appealed to me because I’m also not a salesperson. In fact, I hate selling things. I used to dread going door to door to sell chocolate bars or fundraise for school projects. I was a poor shoe salesman when I worked at Sport Chek. In another job, I gloriously failed selling knives. I think I sold exactly two, both to a relative who took pity on me, and I was so nervous during sales pitches that I once chopped the tip of my finger off in front of a customer. Selling just makes me feel weird. And yet Crystal and I run a business and offer services. Here’s why we can do that: The Functional Fitness program doesn’t require sales. Sure, we speak to clients about our services, but those conversations are about as far from sales pitches as you can get. When we talk to potential clients, we’re able to tell them with confidence how we can help them, not what we can sell them. That important difference was highlighted for me by my friend Chris Cooper, who runs a very successful gym in Sault Ste. Marie.  Over the last nine years, we’ve seen people get stronger, lose weight, lose body fat, improve health markers and completely change their lives. It feels weird to say it, because I’m not a salesperson hawking magic tonic. But we’ve seen these changes repeatedly, and we can say with absolute confidence that everything is going to improve if people work out at our gym and eat the way we say they should eat. As an example, everyone who steps through our doors gets fitter. That’s documented in the giant stack of logbooks at the front of the gym. Not one person ever got less fit.  As another example, we saw dramatic improvements from every person who followed the plan in a recent nutrition program. Crystal went to the gym to scan people after the challenge, and I sat at home waiting for her to tell me how much weight they all lost. All told, it was about 120 lb. as a group. That’s a lot of weight. Those results make it very easy for us to explain how we can help people. I don’t sell anything. I just tell people about our members and their many successes.  As 2018 rolls around, fitness and health often come to mind for people who know they need to start moving in the right direction. We’d like to help those people accomplish their goals because we know they can improve their lives.  That information doesn’t mean a lot coming from me. But it will mean a lot coming from you. If people in your life could use help with health and fitness, please do us a favour: Show them your data. Show them your numbers. Show them your log book. Show them documented improvements in strength, conditioning, weight, body composition and blood work. Show, don’t tell, as the old saying goes.  And if you’ve fallen off your fitness plan in the last year, review your own data. Review health markers and note if they’re moving in the wrong direction since you stopped training. Review your goals and ask yourself if you’re moving toward them. Take a look at your logbook and review what you accomplished when you were training, then make time to train again so you can reap the rewards.  If anyone you know could use some help with fitness, please help him or her to book a free consultation by clicking here. And if you need some help, book a session. We’d love to talk with you and tell you what you can accomplish. 


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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