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Do you subscribe to the CrossFit Journal? Why not? Full disclosure: I edit the CrossFit Journal, so I have more than a passing interest in it. Still, personal bias aside, I think it’s an essential resource for all CrossFitters, and I don’t consider this a sales pitch. If my job as a coach is to give you all the tools to be a great athlete, I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t mention the CrossFit Journal. I’d tell you to subscribe even if I didn’t work for CrossFit HQ. There are over 2,200 posts in the Journal, running back all the way to 2002, when Coach Glassman wrote every monthly PDF himself. In later years, the volume has increased significantly, and we’re cranking out an unbelievable amount of content including technique articles, nutrition articles, lifestyle articles, humorous pieces and a few special ones designed to get you thinking (“neck-up fitness,” as Coach Glassman calls it). You can literally teach yourself the Olympic lifts from the Journal (that’s what I did). You can learn how to build core strength, how to eat for performance, how to run a gym, how to fix errors in a squat, how to run, how to row, how to be a better coach or athlete, how to make a ghetto medicine ball, how mobilize tight shoulders—the list is endless. And if you can’t afford to take a CrossFit seminar, you can watch clips from those seminars where top coaches like Mike Burgener, Jeff Tucker, Louie Simmons, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, Angela Hart, Kelly Starrett, Mark Bell, Brian MacKenzie and more teach you how to be a better athlete. Simply, if you’re passionate about fitness and CrossFit, and if you go to a CrossFit gym, spend $25 for a Journal subscription. That’s $25 for the entire year, not for a month. If you just don’t want to spend the money, the Journal has a host of free posts as well. Check them out! I’m not going to go further lest I sound like a salesperson on an infomercial, but I’ll share a quick story that prompted this post: At CrossFit 204, one athlete has been working to get better on the Olympic lifts and saw hang power cleans were in the WOD for the day. So she went into the Journal and spent an hour watching videos on cleans. I didn’t know this, and when the workout came around I noticed her form had noticeably improved. I told her she was doing great, and then she told me about her self-directed research in the Journal. And then I wondered what a little time on the CrossFit Journal site could do for our other athletes.


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