The CrossFit Games on TSN

[/caption] If you’ve watched the CrossFit Games on TSN this week, you might have a few questions about the program, so here are a few answers in advance: 1.What did I just see on TSN? The annual CrossFit Games are a test of fitness, and the world’s top athletes have to qualify to compete each year. They do this through the CrossFit Games Open and the Regional round of competition. Anyone can enter the first round, and over 60,000 did, but athletes must qualify for the next rounds. The CrossFit Games finals, which are being shown on TSN, take place every year in California and are usually a 3- or 4-day competition featuring the best individuals and teams from around the world. Athletes do not know the events ahead of time and must prepare for the unknown. 2. Do you do this stuff at your gym? [caption id="attachment_2864" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A few of our crew after a holiday workout."][/caption]Yes—but remember you’re watching the best CrossFit athletes in the world on TSN. They are the very best competitors, and they’re faced with some tremendous challenges at the Games. Most of those challenges are not for the average athlete, and you have to train very hard to reach the CrossFit Games. The tests are designed to reveal all athletic weakness and choose the fittest athlete on Earth, so they’re suitably arduous. At our gym, we do similar challenges scaled to the level of each individual. We don’t do a grueling 2-hour endurance test like the Camp Pendleton event that kicked off the 2012 CrossFit Games. But we’ve had our athletes run 5 km or bike 13 km for a workout. We usually don’t do 3 or 4 workouts a day like they do at the Games, but we create all sorts of creative challenges for our members. We don’t have a ladder of barbells loaded from 245 lb. to 385 lb. in a tennis stadium with TV cameras and fans, but we might use a Tuesday evening to create a barbell ladder in our gym going from 65 lb. to 225 lb.—and we train our athletes so they can lift the barbells properly. [caption id="attachment_2716" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Warming up!"][/caption] Our CrossFit workouts share principles with those you see on TV, but they are set in consideration of the athletes in our gym who do them. Our main goals are fun and fitness for all. 3. Do your members compete in the CrossFit Games? Yes. We had 17 members—including four Masters aged 45-56—compete in the Open, the first round of the Games competition season. Our team finished 20th in our region and qualified for the Canada West Regional competition, and we had two athletes qualify for regionals as individuals. We did not send a team to Vancouver, but Lindsey Ingram finished 15th and Crystal Kirby-Peloquin finished 18th. in the women’s competition. Tyson Takasaki, one of the very few Canadian athletes to stand on the podium at the CrossFit Games (3rd place with CrossFit Taranis in the 2011 Affiliate Cup) finished 6th on the men’s side and is now a member of our coaching staff. We will be competing again in 2012, and we’re encouraging anyone who loves fitness to give it a try. The team atmosphere is fantastic. 4. Is CrossFit just for “elite athletes?” No. CrossFit is a sport to some and a fitness program to others. We have some athletes who train to compete, and we have many more who just want to be fit enough to pick up grandkids, lift a stretcher into an ambulance, chase down a criminal or squat to plant some flowers without knee pain. We have all levels of people at our gym, and we can create workouts that challenge all of them at their own level. 5. Are there local competitions? [caption id="attachment_2643" align="alignright" width="300" caption="So proud of everyone who represented CrossFit 204 at the Bridge City Beatdown!"][/caption] Yes. There are several local and regional events, including the CrossFit 204 Classic, where athletes compete in the sport of fitness. These events are not part of the official CrossFit competition season but are a lot of fun to watch and participate in. 6. Do you train athletes to compete? We train people to be fitter than they are, no matter what level they are at, and if athletes want to compete, we’re happy to get them ready to do so. If members have no interest in competing, we support them on their way toward whatever goals they’ve set for themselves. Interestingly, the needs of the competitor and the general athlete aren’t that different, and the two groups train together. 7. Do “average people” do CrossFit? If you decide to improve your fitness, you are not average. You are special. But everyday people – as opposed to lifelong, university-level or pro athletes – get great results with the CrossFit program. We have no pro athletes in our gym, and we have a few university-level athletes. We have a large number of dedicated people of all ages and walks of life who work hard every day to become fitter. 8. Can you tell me more? For answers to a host of questions, read our FAQ. For information about how to join our gym or try CrossFit, visit our Schedules and Fees page. For a list of workouts we’ve done, visit our Workouts page, and remember that all workouts are scaled to people of any ability.


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