The CrossFit 204 Hoodie – Last Day for Orders!

[/caption] I love the fact that our gym is a rugged, no-frills environment. I love the cinder-block walls, the random graffiti from previous tenants, the paint splatter on the floor, the wall-to-wall horse-stall mats, and the piles of metal and rubber. There’s a simplicity to it all that appeals to me, and it’s a simplicity that’s reflected in our workouts and our members. I love watching Jenn no-rep herself and Tyson snatch more than my best clean with his shoes untied just as much as I love Brett’s old-school T-shirts, Foden’s tuque, Kim’s Slayer shirt, Junior’s caber and Atlas stones, Megs’ deadlifts in socks, Will’s curls, Cheryl’s Chucks, Dale’s D-1000, skill-session pineapple challenges, the furry wall, the horns and a host of other things that give the place its character. And I love the pirate flag too. Along those lines, Crystal and Kathy have been working on a character piece: the CrossFit 204 hoodie. It was inspired by an old hoodie Crystal’s father used to wear. This thing is about as authentic as you can get: it’s hand-made by a founding member and crafted with love. We think it’s a pretty good representation of what goes on in the building. [caption id="attachment_3081" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Blue steel not included."][/caption] Crystal and I have been wearing the prototypes pictured at the top of this page, and the actual hoodies will be the American Apparel Salt and Pepper Zip Hoodie in Peppered Grey. The final version will also have “Est. 2010” embroidered under the [204]. We’ll give you an estimated delivery date once we know how many people want one. It will be in the range of 4-6 weeks, as all good things take time. The price will be between $85 and $95, and it will depend on the number of orders. It will not be more than this. We will be pre-ordering hoodies on Monday, Jan. 14. Please email [email protected] to reserve one before then, or to ask questions about sizing. Sizing is unisex. For reference, Crystal is wearing a medium, and Mike is wearing an XL, which is stylishly baggy on him. Sean, who is about 6’4″, also fits the XL.


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