The CrossFit 204 Classic

[/caption] CrossFit 204 is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting a CrossFit competition Aug. 18, 2012. We’re going to make this one a little different from other competitions for a very specific reason: we want to light a fire under the CrossFit community and crank things up here in the Prairies. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that CrossFit affiliates in our area have a larger presence at next year’s regional competition. We’re going to do this competition by invitation only, and we’re going to do our best to assemble a group of athletes who will show you what’s possible. Then we’ll spend the rest of the year helping you raise the level of your own fitness. We have tentative commitments from some fantastic out-of-town athletes, and we’re looking forward to an inspiring day of competition. We’re not trying to exclude participation by not offering scaled divisions, and we’re going to have an in-house competition for 204 athletes of all levels leading up to the event. But on Aug. 18, we’re going to light it up and go heavy and hard. We hope this will be a great CrossFit exhibition that will motivate you to train harder than ever. The event isn’t going to be complicated. It’s called the Classic because we believe CrossFit, at its essence, is about simple tests of fitness. Are you strong? Are you powerful? Are you fast? Are you strong, powerful and fast for 3 minutes or 20 minutes? And so on. Invitations will be sent out shortly, and more details will be released soon. But mark Aug. 18 on your calendar now, because you’re going to want to see this one!


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