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Belly Fat – Is It Bad For Your Health?

It’s totally normal & healthy to have body fat. Also there isn’t a universally perfect body fat percentage to achieve to be healthy. Based on genetics and some other factors, everyone stores fat a little differently. Of course, it’s better to look at overall health through a lense that includes

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Are We Destined To Have A Set Body Weight? There are several different theories that attempt to explain why our bodies appear to have a preferred “set” weight. Given the difficulty that most people have with sustained weight loss, it would appear that our genetics have hard wired a weight

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If It’s Not Complicated, Why Is It So Hard?

Popular nutrition soundbite – “It’s not rocket science!” Yes, this is true. We’re not trying to explore space. We’re just trying to feel good, perform better, and look great. So why does it feel so difficult? We are creatures of habit. It doesn’t matter if those habits are healthy or

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Training & Your Menstrual Cycle

Fitness Training and Your Period I first became aware of how my period and menstruation cycle affected my training in my mid-20s. I can’t say for sure that it didn’t affect exercise before that, but I noticed a definite shift in my PMS symptoms around 25. As I paid more

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Client Story – Chris Hendrickson!

I would recommend Crystal and 204 Lifestyle to literally anyone. I do not have enough good things to say about her. I have been a long-time client of Crystal’s, both at Functional Fitness 204 and 204 Lifestyle.  Crystal IS amazing and I know she is a top-notch fitness and nutrition

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High Protein Ice Cream Treats

I have a long standing love affair with ice cream. The real kind. Good old fashioned hard, made from milk, ice cream. It’s the ultimate treat in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what season we’re in, it’s always delicious, and it’s always worth it. Unfortunately depending on what my goals

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How To Get Strong in 2021: Master The Staples

There is an old joke that the commitment to getting stronger and fitter often entails doing the same movements over and over again. While you can definitely spice things up from time to time with new exercises, equipment and routines, the magic happens when we embrace and perfect the simple, elegant basics. And the four movement patterns I describe below offer a host of variations that will keep you interested.

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Dare to Compare: You Against You

If I measured my personal best lifts against the elite in the sport of powerlifting, I would be miserable. My achievements would seem worthless next to theirs. All the joy I derive from lifting heavy weights would be diminished.  At some point, comparison will steal your happiness if you use

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Managing Menopause with Lifestyle

As nutrition and fitness coaches, we work with many women who are entering a new stage of life. Perimenopause or menopause brings noticeable changes for some women, and symptoms can vary.  For most women, menopause starts around 51, although there are instances of some women starting sooner or later. Menopause

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