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The End of the Fitness World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Today, the Manitoba government essentially killed the existing fitness industry in the province. I won’t make this a political statement. Others can argue about health care, the economy and the fairness of the Manitoba government’s plan. I’m not an expert in any of those areas. I am a fitness expert,

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Coronavirus and Fitness: Stacking the Deck to Win

True story: It was once my job to find stories about people who would probably be dead if not for fitness. When we started looking for these stories, the stuff we found was jaw-dropping. Here’s a woman who was run over three times in quick succession: Angie Rodriguez. Doctors told

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Tough People for Tough Times

“This shit’s hard.” I’ve heard it a lot of times this week, and I’ve said it, too. No one is having a lot of fun as the COVID crisis continues to disrupt our lives. The leisure activities we enjoyed are gone, our favourite stores are closed, and we’re stuck in

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