Ramping Up to the Intergalactic Throwdown

[/caption] Winnipeg-Tuesday I did 5 rounds of 2 HSPUs, 10 24-inch box jumps and 1 set of stairs. It took me 10:48. I used an AbMat for the HSPUs, and I kipped them. I realized afterward that I could have pushed myself to at least start from the floor and go to the AbMat only if I started to fail, because they were really easy! This was the first WOD that I have incorporated any variety of HSPUs in, so that was very exciting. I practiced pistols and did 3×20 of weighted GHD sit-ups with 8 lb. to finish. Wednesday I did AMRAP in 12 minutes of 5 deadlifts at 225 lb., 10 pull-ups and 20 air squats. I got 6 rounds and 2 reps. The combination of deadlifts and pull-ups became pretty crushing very quickly. I managed to get two very strange tears on my thumbs because of how I was gripping the bar. Thursday I rested, and Friday I did a strength WOD: 3×3 front squats, 3×3 presses and 2×12 triceps extensions with the rope, plus 2×12 delt flyes. The squats were light because my low back was tight from the deadlifts in my previous WOD. I used 135, 145 and 150 lb. For the press, I did the first two sets at 90 lb. and finished with 95. I should have used 95 for all three sets—potentially more! Saturday was a rest day and Sunday was Oly lifting at Dale’s garage. I have officially fixed my jerk.  I worked up to a triple at 135 lb., and then a new PR at 145 lb. I cleaned the first rep, and then just jerked from the rack position for the last two reps. The weight felt super light and manageable. I still need to work on keeping my back leg bent and not short-stepping the lift, but overall I am really pleased with my progress. I finished with 3×5 high-bar back squats at 155 lb. I am still eating clean, and my weight had actually dropped under 160 lb. for the first time in two years. It isn’t my goal to lose weight, but if it happens as a result of clean eating and I stay strong, then all the better. Less than a week until the Intergalactic Throwdown and I am excited! I don’t know if Mike knows the WODs yet or not, but I think he has some idea, and I am really disturbed at how good he is at lying to me! However, he knows how much of a competitor I am, and truthfully I wouldn’t compete if I knew the WODs before I should. I’m looking forward to Wednesday though and finding out what the WODs are so I can plan my strategy. (Photo by Sandra Benz)


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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