Functional Fitness can prepare you for the unknown challenges of your job. (Creative Commons – AMagill)[/caption] The Functional Fitness program is ideally suited for members of the fire, law-enforcement and military communities. While the program can work for people at any level of fitness, it is especially effective for people whose lives and livelihoods depend on a high level of fitness that allows them to deal with the unknown challenges they’ll face on the job. Firefighters, law-enforcement officers and military personnel face unknown challenges every day, whether it’s carrying a person from a burning building, chasing a criminal, or navigating a battlefield with a weapon and heavy pack. The nature, duration and elements of these on-the-job challenges are unknown, and personnel are forced to adapt on the fly in order to save lives and property. To train for unknown challenges, a fitness program needs to feature functional movements performed at intensity levels typical of on-the-job conditions. The program also needs to be constantly varied to account for the unpredictable nature of fire, law or military service. Functional Fitness fulfills those requirements and unequivocally produces fitter soldiers, firefighters and law-enforcement officers (see documentation below). Functional Fitness is used around the world by fire, law and military personnel, and in some areas of North America, the program is used exclusively for training in fire departments, police departments and branches of the military. Below, you’ll find a host of articles detailing how and why the program works for the people who serve their communities and countries. Functional Fitness 204’s members include firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, police officers and Mounties. In November 2011, March 2012, March 2013, September 2013 and March 2014, Functional Fitness 204 was honored to train Winnipeg Police Service recruit classes as part of their physical fitness program. At Functional Fitness 204, we are proud to use this program to train the people who protect us every day. If you’re a firefighter, paramedic, soldier or law-enforcement office and interested in finding out how you can be better at your job, check out the resources below or email info@Functional


Canadian Forces: A New Approach to Physical Training: How Do You Build a Warrior? Canadian Forces: Army Fitness Program: “The Combat Fitness Program derived its origins from the Functional Fitness training method, which has been adapted to meet the special needs of the Canadian Army by incorporating many of the widely accepted general principles of fitness training taught in the CF. Understanding CF fitness fundamentals, as well as the background of the Functional Fitness program, will help to better appreciate the CFP’s blended design.” Fitness for the Force by Vincent Cascella and Nathan Barlow of the Indianapolis Police Academy, published in the Functional Fitness Journal Feb. 10, 2010. U.S. Army Functional Fitness Study: May 2010 published in the Functional Fitness Journal Sept. 2, 2011. Firefighter Combat Challenge and the Definitions of Fitness by Mike Warkentin, published in the Functional Fitness Journal Sept. 1, 2009. APFT A-OK by Sgt. 1st Class Rafael C. Lopez, published in the Functional Fitness Journal Aug. 18. 2010. Functional Fitness and F.M. 21-20 by Capt. Matt McKee, published in the Functional Fitness Journal June 7, 2010. Elite Soliders, Elite Fitness by Staff Sgt. Matt Kostielney, published in the Functional Fitness Journal Oct. 15, 2009. Functional Fitness for Combat Fitness by Brian Chontosh, first aired in the Functional Fitness Journal on Aug. 5, 2009. SWAT Shapes Up by Louis P. Hayes, published in the Functional Fitness Journal March 8, 2009. Alexandria Fire Department (Virginia) Implementing Functional Fitness at East Fork Fire by Jon Gilson, published in the Functional Fitness Journal May 2007. Functional Fitness Phoenix Fire Orange County Fire Authority City of Marietta (Georgia)


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