The Functional Fitness 204: Everything Heavier T - $20. The Functional Fitness 204: Everything Heavier T – $20.[/caption] Athletes With Functional Fitness Experience We are happy to welcome experienced Functional Fitnessters or Functional Fitnessters visiting from other affiliates but reserve the right to evaluate form and technique and scale workouts on a case-by-case basis. To ensure safety, full participation in classes is not guaranteed if technique or strength is lacking. If you have Functional Fitness experience and would like to make an appointment to visit us, please email info@Functional Fitness204.com with your request at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot respond to drop-in requests with less than 24 hours notice as our first priority is ensuring class spots are available for our members. Please include the date and time of your intended visit, describe your Functional Fitness experience, note any injuries or limitations, and include the name of your home affiliate and head coach. If you don’t include this info, we will ask you for it, so please include it to save time. Please note that if you drop in, you will do our scheduled group workout rather than your home gym’s workout or programming of your own design. As a courtesy to those affiliates who have treated us and our travelling members so well over the years, drop-ins are free of charge for a visit. If you plan on training with us several times, we will set up a modest fee. The location of the gym is listed here. And we indeed have T-shirts (see picture) if you are interested in adding to your collection (cash or cheque only). Good Friday with good people.Curious Local Athletes To make it easier for you to try Functional Fitness, we’re now offering free trial classes by appointment on select weekdays at 8 p.m. We can also accommodate other times by appointment if needed. We require an appointment so we can schedule a coach to greet you, talk about your training history, find out about any mobility issues or injuries and answer your questions. We want you to feel comfortable, and we will tailor or program to your specific needs. To book an appointment, please email info@Functional Fitness204.com and let us know which times would work for you. You can also contact Crystal, our manager, at 204-880-1001. After we hear from you, we’ll confirm a time, send you some paperwork and eagerly await our chance to meet you. For our complete guide to starting Functional Fitness, visit our Start Here page. For a class description, click here. For a more detailed list of frequently asked questions, click here. For the 204 Bootcamp, click here.


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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