Online Fitness in Kenora, Northwestern Ontario and Cottage Country

Online fitness in Kenora can include paddling a canoe across a lake.

Online fitness in Kenora — it’s the best way to stay in shape at the lake!

Whether you spend all your time in cottage country or just head out to camp on weekends and in summer, you don’t have to leave fitness behind. Online coaching is the perfect solution.

No one wants to waste a sunny day when the fish are biting on Lake of the Woods or Black Sturgeon. Who wants to put off a hike in the glorious Vernon Nature Area or at Tunnel Island? Does anyone want to skip the Chip Truck or a Kolsch from Lake of the Woods Brewing Company?

A woman poses with her dogs after an online workout including a hike in the Vernon Nature Area.
Here’s a great place to rest while hiking the Vernon Nature Area!

But we still need to stay fit so we can enjoy all the amazing adventures to be had in the rugged country of Northwestern Ontario. A little fitness will make your time outdoors so much more enjoyable—whether you’ve trained in the past or never worked out at all.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to waste precious hours travelling to a gym and training if you don’t want to. If you want to get fit fast right where you are, online training is the answer.

(And if you do want a great gym with outstanding coaches and group classes, we highly recommend Functional Fitness Core K-Town. Ask for Dave and trust that you’re in great hands!)

So how does online training in Northwestern Ontario work?

Tunnel Island—a great place to do an online fitness workout in Kenora.
Tunnel Island: What a great place for a hike—and maybe an online workout!

Kenora Online Fitness: Step 1

Talk to us—either on the phone, via video chat or in person (when COVID restrictions are lifted).

We’ll find out all about you and your goals. You can tell us what you want to accomplish, how much time you have and so on. We’ll ask what equipment you have—don’t worry if you don’t have any. We rent equipment, and we can also create incredibly effective equipment-free fitness plans or plans that use assorted objects you have around your home or cottage.

Imagine if your “workout” for the day involved getting your kayak, canoe or paddleboard on the water and paddling around Storm Bay for 30 glorious minutes. Or what if we gave you a few exercises to do as you walk the trails at Rushing River?

Kenora Online Fitness: Step 2

After we hear about your goals, we’ll give you a plan that will help you accomplish everything on your list. It might involve 30-minute workouts three times a week sent directly to your phone with precise instructions. Or maybe your plan will involve nutrition coaching and some personal training. Or maybe we’ll book some video sessions to teach you how to move properly.

At our meeting, we’ll tell you what you need to do, and then we’ll get you started.

A snowy forest in Black Sturgeon, Ontario, where you could do an online workout.
Fitness will help you enjoy nature in Northwestern Ontario as you hike without injury or fatigue!

Kenora Online Fitness: Step 3

We keep you on track.

Here’s why at-home workout DVDs and self-directed plans rarely work: No one is providing accountability, and no one motivates you or congratulates you.

We deliver our workouts to your phone with an app, and feedback is just a text or direct message away. We’ll notice if you miss a workout, and we’ll help you get back at it. We’ll make adjustments on days you’re tired or sore, and we’ll most definitely celebrate with you after you beat your record time jogging from Canadian Tire to Husky the Muskie.

You aren’t on your own. Your coach is right there with you every day, providing constant feedback and making sure the plan is always moving you closer to your goals.

Kenora Online Fitness: Step 4

We’ll review your progress regularly and adjust the plan.

Maybe you want to do a triathlon at Rabbit Lake. Or maybe you want to get ready for cross-country skiing at Mount Evergreen. Maybe you want to master the Mantario Trail or cycle from Keewatin to West Hawk Lake or Falcon Lake. Perhaps you’re getting ready for some epic deer or moose hunts in the back country, or a week-long fishing trip with portages and hiking.

Or maybe you just want to change your training times and try some new movements.

Whatever you want to accomplish, we’ll make sure the plan is exactly what you need.

A fit woman performs an online fitness workout with a dumbbell at Rushing River near Kenora.
This great workout was performed at Rushing River with just one dumbbell!

Sample Workouts

Curious what online fitness might look like for you? Here are four sample online workouts for Northwestern Ontario. One is for summer, one is for winter, one is an indoor workout you can do anytime, and one involves the Canadian Shield and some common fitness equipment you might have (we rent equipment, too!).

These workouts can be made easier or more challenging depending on your fitness level and goals. And if you don’t know how to do a movement, we can teach you!


Dock Workout
20 minutes:
5 lunges per leg
10 squats
5 push-ups


Outdoor Workout
Go for a 30-minute hike
Every minute on the minute, do 5 burpees or 10 jumping jacks

A sunset on Black Sturgeon Lake near Kenora, Ontario.
A misty sunset on Lake of the Woods will seem even better after an online dock workout!


6 rounds of:
Hold a 30-second plank
Climb up your stairs carrying a water jug or bag of books
At the top, do 10 sit-ups
Go down your stairs carrying a water jug or bag of books

Minimal Equipment

5 rounds of:
Run 200 m uphill on any trail or road
50 jump-rope double-unders or 50 skips
12 alternating dumbbell snatches

A smiling man holds a large bass caught on Black Sturgeon after an online fitness workout.
Work out, then hit the lake for some monster Kenora bass!

Bonus: Tips for Success With Online Fitness in Cottage Country

Here are the top five things that we know will make you successful with an online fitness program:

1. Communicate with your coach—The more feedback you give us, the more we can tailor your program to you. Check in with us daily—even if only to tell us the walleye are on fire up at Minaki.

2. Log your results—Our app makes this easy and fun. Just punch a few buttons on your phone, send us an emoji or two and wait for your next workout to arrive. Logging your workouts is the best way to measure your progress and see what you’ve accomplished!

3. Put your workouts on the calendar—You know it’s hard to resist a cold beer on the dock, so make sure you get your workout out of the way early in the day. Put it on the calendar: “Wake up a 7, work out at 8, hit the wakeboard at 9.” Do a little work early in the day and then enjoy the lake!

The rapids at Rushing River Provincial Park near Kenora, Ontario.
Rushing River has some great trails and wonderful scenery!

4. Send us videos—We love to see you move, and we’re happy to give you feedback. Not sure if you’re doing something right? Film and hit send. We’ll tell you!

5. Stay active—With an active lifestyle, you only need a little bit of training time to become very fit. We encourage you to get outside as often as you can. Hike to the ice-fishing shack, swim around the island, explore a new trail, break in those snowshoes

Talk to Us Today!

That’s it: four steps to online fitness in Kenora and Northwestern Ontario.

We can help you in any season, but we’re almost out of training spots. Don’t delay: Take Step 1 today by booking an appointment to talk to us!


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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