One Week to Go!

[/caption] Thursday I worked on overhead squats before the Functional Fitness class. My goal was a solid 3 sets of 5. I started with 135 lb., and the 5 reps were easy, so I moved up to 145. I got 4 reps on both sets. I lost the weight out front on the fifth rep both times. Sometimes at the bottom of the squat I don’t rotate the weight back enough, and a slight shift forward causes me to lose the weight. Overall, I didn’t feel super solid in these reps, and I couldn’t find a good line. On the positive side, the weight felt super light overhead. The group class was a fun challenge as always! Friday I did AMRAP in 15 minutes of 50 double-unders, 10 dumbbell push presses (25 lb. per hand) and 10 GHD sit-ups. I completed 8 rounds. I sometimes go through phases where I struggle with double-unders, and I can’t pinpoint what causes the breaks in my reps. Most of these sets were broken, save for maybe two rounds. Prior to the workout, Mike and I said 7 rounds would be great, so getting 8 felt awesome. Saturday was a rest day. Sunday we headed to the garage. I worked on some power cleans with Dale, just making sure my elbows were fast and I wasn’t being lazy with the speed under the bar. Check out some video highlights HERE. I was happy with how I progressed from start to finish.  My elbows were slow to start, but by my last set things were looking much smoother. To finish, Mike let me pick my WOD. I decided to do a WOD I saw on Functional Fitness Winnipeg’s site this week: 3 rounds of 35 double-unders, 25 push-ups and 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups. I finished in 8:38. My goal was to take no more than 3 minutes a round. The first round was sub-2-minutes, but the push-ups became pretty hard in the second and third round. I started breaking them up into 5s, then 3s.  I want my push-ups to be so much better, but they have come a long way. The pull-ups were a good test for me, because the bar at the garage is square and thick, as well as a bit lower. I need to be aware of the low pull-up bar at Functional Fitness Winnipeg because it has always given me hell when I’m trying to kip! One more week until competition time! The plan for the week is all set, and I’m excited to test my fitness against some other awesome athletes!


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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