Nutrition Client Mercedes: A Story Of Success!

One of the key components of our nutrition program is education. I believe Mercedes journey really captures the essence of our program. Slow, sustainable and ultimately, successful.

“In late 2019 I was in the worst shape of my life. I hated what I saw in my reflection. I felt trapped in my own body. I struggled daily with binge eating or not eating at all. I tried every single fad diet in the market. I even resorted to weight loss medication. None of which worked. At this point I accepted defeat against the person who I had become.

That is until I met Crystal. A family member had recently started with her and she was doing so well! I always had this idea in my head that only “skinny” fit people would have a personal coach. I literally remember dismissing the idea of reaching out to Crystal as I was worried she would look at me and think I was as hopeless as I felt. This was not the case at all. I have never felt more welcomed and at home than I have with her. She gave me tremendous hope and courage to start this journey.

Reading about this program and getting started was probably the most overwhelming part of my journey, it’s having to quite literally retrain your idea on food itself. I quickly found out that I had been taught all wrong on how to feed myself. I did not understand nutrition labels or the amount of fat, carbs or protein I needed to fuel my body with. I love that this program taught me all of that. I had the most unhealthy relationship with food.

In 2019, my overall goal for myself was to be considered healthy on the BMI scale and to feel beautiful in the wedding dress of my dreams. Flash forward to 2021, I am a sliver away from hitting my goal and I am loving this new found confidence. I’m loving how my clothes fit. I’m loving my new found love for outdoor adventures. I’m loving my new zest for life. It blows my mind that a change to my diet and getting out for some fresh air could make such an incredible difference. And yes, I found my dream dress and feel quite amazing in it.

I would recommend Crystal and the 204 Lifestyle community to everyone… on a speaker phone… from a rooftop!! They helped me get myself back. My physical & mental health is at its all time best. She was there every time I felt like I fell. I’m happy and healthy and I truly can’t thank Crystal enough for her continuous support and knowledge.”

Mercedes Van Dam-26

Kenora Ontario


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