Kathy vs. the Unknown

[/caption] Kathy got in a car accident yesterday. Don’t worry — she’s OK, despite the fact that she had the front of her SUV taken off by a young girl who fled the scene of the accident near Polo Park. For whatever reason, the driver of the other vehicle took off after blowing through a red light, hitting Kathy and hammering the curb. She just left and headed west on Ness Avenue. Kathy, fit fiftysomething that she is, wasn’t about to stand for it. She actually got out of her car and ran the other driver down in traffic on foot, catching her at a red light at Route 90. Yes, Kathy chased her down, scolded her and made her come back to the scene of the accident. If Coach Greg Glassman says we train for the unknown and the unknowable, this is proof that we’re doing the right thing. Way to go, Kathy!


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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