Intergalactic Throwdown Schedule and Details

[/caption] Here’s some updated info on the competition on Feb. 5: When you enter the MTS Iceplex, head straight for the staircase in front of you. At the top of the staircase, turn right and you will see the Focus Fitness facility. The workouts will be released on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. at The schedule is currently as follows: 7-7:30 – Volunteer set-up 7:30-8 – Athlete check-in/sign waivers/pay $10/make donation 8:05 – Welcome/announcements 8:10-8:30 Event 1 briefing and warm-up 8:30 – Event 1 Competitors will be re-seeded after each event so the top athletes are in the same heat as often as possible. We will post the order of the next event’s heats ASAP after the preceding event. The second event will start around 1 p.m., and the last event will be around 3 p.m. The exact times will be posted closer to the event. We will schedule a lunch break between events 1 and 2, and a shorter coffee break between events 2 and 3. We anticipate the awards will be handed out at 5:30 p.m. We will try to stay on schedule, but we will be filming the Intergalactic Division, so we might take some time to make sure we get things right on the technical side. Food is available at the venue, though one of the top choices is called the “Game Misconduct Burger.” Plan accordingly. Spectators are more than welcome. You will not need any equipment, though you may bring your own skipping rope if double-unders should show up to the dismay of some and joy of others. Here’s the competition roster:

Intergalactic Men

Scott Anderson – Prairie CrossFit Steve Antle – CrossFit Winnipeg Colin Darling – CrossFit Winnipeg Jordan Derksen – Unaffiliated Scott Fowell – CrossFit Winnipeg Brad Gerbrandt – Prairie CrossFit Michael Podolas – CrossFit Winnipeg Brad Sarna – CrossFit Winnipeg Tyson Takasaki – Unaffiliated Rich Thomas – CrossFit Winnipeg Derek Wickham – Prairie CrossFit Harvey Woo – CrossFit Winnipeg

Intergalactic Women

Nicole Blue – CrossFit Winnipeg Nicole Fillion – CrossFit Winnipeg Crystal Kirby-Peloquin – CrossFit 204 Tania Tetrault-Vrga – CrossFit Winnipeg Jenn Webber – Freak Fitness

Intermediate Men

Olu Badejo – CrossFit Winnipeg Yacine Bara – CrossFit Winnipeg Kevin Hardy – Prairie CrossFit Brandon Hopkins – Prairie CrossFit

Intermediate Women

Jenn Anderberg – Prairie CrossFit Mandy Walton – Prairie CrossFit Hillary Widdifield – CrossFit Winnipeg

Junior Men

Grant Dilling Jr. – Freak Fitness


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