Intergalactic Throwdown Events and Schedule

[/caption]Here are the events for the Intergalactic Throwdown on Sat., Feb. 5, at Focus Fitness, 3969 Portage Ave. We will go over the exact movement standards at the event, but they will feature standard Functional Fitness ranges of motion. IGM = Intergalactic Men IGW = Intergalactic Women IMM = Intermediate Men IMW = Intermediate Women JR = Junior

Event 1: Superbeast

Three rounds of: 30 double-unders 20 pull-ups (IG – chest to bar. IMM/IMW/JR – chin over horizontal plane) 10 burpees Then: 10 deadlifts (IGM 315, IGW 205, IMM 275, IMW 155, JR 225) 10 clean and jerks (IGM 185, IGW 125, IMM 155, IMW 105, JR 135) Notes: 17-minute cap. This event will be scored by time or reps completed. Athlete 1: 15:20 Athlete 2: 16:56. Athlete 3: 180 double-unders/pull-ups/burpees + 10 deadlifts + 3 clean and jerks = 193 Athlete 4: 180 double-unders/pull-ups/burpees + 8 deadlifts = 188 Athlete 5: 90 double-unders + 60 pull-ups + 7 burpees = 157 If a competitor does not finish all the reps in less than 17 minutes, he or she will not be able to register a score in the Intergalactic Cross-Canada competition but will still be able to compete for the local win based on repetitions completed.

Event 2: Captain Intensity

4 minutes of rowing for total distance 6 minutes to get off the rower, head to the rack and register a 1-rep-max front squat Notes: The score will be totaled by adding meters + pounds. 1,000 meters + 225 lb. = 1,225 points.

Event 3: Franklin

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: Strict handstand push-ups with legs locked out Back squats (IGM/IMM 135, IGW/IMW 95, JR 115) Notes: You can break up the reps any way you want. The barbell for squats must be taken from the floor. The handstand push-ups with take place with two Rogue 25 bumpers separated by an AbMat. You whole hand must be on the bumpers, and your head must touch the AbMat. Scoring in the Intergalactic and Intermediate divisions will be 2 points for every handstand push-up + 1 point for every squat. Scoring in the JR division will be 3 points for every handstand push-up and 1 point for every squat. If you can’t do handstand push-ups, the workout will be 7 minutes of squats. IG/IM Athlete 1: 20×2 HSPU + 50 squats = 90 JR Athlete 1: 10×3 HSPU + 40 squats = 70

In-House Scoring

We will use the scoring format of the 2009 and 2010 Functional Fitness Games: points are awarded according to placement, with the low score at the end of the day winning the overall title. Athlete 1: 3rd, 4th, 1st = 8 Athlete 2: 5th, 6th, 2nd = 13


Athletes will be reseeded after each event, and heat lists will be posted ASAP after each workout. 7-7:30 – Volunteer set-up 7:30-8 – Athlete check-in/sign waivers/pay $10/make donation 8:05 – Welcome/announcements 8:10 – Event 1 briefing and warm-up 8:30-11:30 – Event 1 11:30-12:30 – Lunch 12:30 – Event 2 briefing 1-2:22 – Event 2 2:40 – Event 3 briefing 3-5:10 – Event 3 Tiebreakers and awards will follow as soon as scores are tabulated.


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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