If It’s Not Complicated, Why Is It So Hard?

Popular nutrition soundbite – “It’s not rocket science!” Yes, this is true. We’re not trying to explore space. We’re just trying to feel good, perform better, and look great. So why does it feel so difficult?

We are creatures of habit. It doesn’t matter if those habits are healthy or not. They give us comfort. We love our routines. Making changes to our built in structures takes effort, and more often than not, it will cause some discomfort. At least initially. So the first thing we need to accept is that what we’re currently doing is NOT working. Then we need to acknowledge the element of effort that needs to happen to see positive changes. Think about it this way – if you drove 50 miles to get where you are right now, you’re not going to get out with 10 steps.

Next, you need to be realistic about your timeline. This is where many folks can get derailed. Good things take time, and the goals you have with fitness and nutrition need to be managed. Obsessing over a long term outcome might motivate certain people, but it’s not for everyone. It can feel too distant. Setting a series of short term goals, daily, weekly and even monthly helps you stack wins. You’re less likely to give up if you’re constantly feeling accomplished. Some great examples of short term goals are: daily steps, daily water intake, weekly workouts and monthly strength increases.

You might be reading this and thinking yes, yes! I can do that! But here is where I hit you with the hard truth. Most people DON’T.

Eating protein at each meal, drinking enough water and getting your daily steps in sounds simple, and frankly, it is. But you can find a million excuses and have all the reasons in the world to not consistently stack these habits. Because LIFE! You’re busy at work, your kids have after school activities, you’re tired, and your dog is sick. You might manage to stay the course 3 days a week. And then you think, “Well this isn’t working for me”. And the truth is, you’re not actually doing the work. You don’t need a more elaborate plan. Think about it. You’re struggling to drink water. Do you really need a complicated meal plan and new supplements? You might just need an honest reckoning with yourself and what you’re really prepared to commit to.

It’s not complicated, but it is absolutely work. It’s planning ahead, and it’s committing to a long term solution and not a short term fix. It will most likely feel like it’s not “enough”. But it is. Simple doesn’t mean easy, because if it did, we would be way healthier at a population level.

Start where you are. You might be able to do it alone, or perhaps you need a coach. If you’re ready to make some changes, I can help. Click here and we can make a plan to reach your goals!


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