Eat Less Crap – Sept. 3: Addiction

[/caption] We’ve talked to several people who are doing the Eat Less Crap Challenge and are experiencing some savage cravings in the first few days. That’s normal. If you want some perspective on it, read the Functional Fitness Journal article Getting Off the Crack by Nicole Carroll, a great athlete and colleague of mine at Functional Fitness HQ. (It’s available by subscription only right now.) In the article, Nicole talks about changing her diet and experiencing cravings, but she got through it and was better for it. You’ll be OK too. But the cravings are real, for certain. Here’s some info on them: Sugar Addiction. Do your own evaluation, but we’re pretty convinced changing your sugar intake can be hard. It might not be as hard as quitting a pack-a-day smoking habit, but then again, it might be. Here’s a free article on battling the sugar addiction: 10 Tactics for Overcoming Sugar Addiction. If you get cravings, I’d suggest a simple strategy: 10 burpees. There is no scientific reason to do this, but I’m pretty sure 10 fast burpees will take your mind off your craving and get you refocused on your goals. If the craving stays, hit another 10 burpees. We’ll call it burpee therapy. But please know that what you’re experiencing is normal, and if you fight through it, you will be stronger for it. You can do it. Dig deep and lean on your friends at the gym. We’re here to support you. And do 10 burpees.


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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