Eat Less Crap – Sept 15: Halfway Survey

With two weeks of the Eat Less Crap Challenge behind us, you might be noticing a few things. Cravings, perhaps? Increased strength? More energy? Weight loss? More endurance? At the halfway point of the challenge, Crystal and I have noticed that the cravings have started to subside, and we’ve worked our way into a good rhythm of eating. We (Crystal) shop(s) a bit more regularly, and now Crystal has a pretty good collection of new recipes from which we choose our meals. This is literally the longest I’ve ever gone without peanut butter and bread, and I don’t miss them. About five years ago, I used to eat three peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches a day. I miss the occasional cinnamon bun from Kathy, but I’m doing OK there too. I also find myself reaching into the crisper for a scepter of broccoli rather than into the cupboard for a sugary granola bar. We’ve been experimenting with some new things, and those have replaced old habits. Quinoa and kale, for instance, are regularly in the meal plan, and almond pancakes and fresh fruit have replaced the spongy gut-bombs we used to slather with syrup. Turkey-bacon consumption remains constant, as always. There’s dust on the booze cupboard, which never got a lot of use, but we’ve laid off even the weekend glass of wine or gin-even after losing two consecutive games, and bets, to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Functional Fitness Regina. Of particular note, I’ve noticed a need for less coffee. Now don’t get ahead of yourself: I will always be fueled by coffee, but I’ve found myself skipping the afternoon cup more regularly now. My theory is that by eliminating some of the breads and sugars that used to be a part of lunch, I’m no longer experiencing the afternoon crash after my sugar high. And what about you? You’ve all made some major commitments, and we’d like to know what you’re noticing. We’ve certainly noticed some really impressive and very obvious changes in you all over the last two weeks. Use the comments section to share your experience with the group. What are you struggling with? What’s getting better? What can we help with? Do you need a recipe for something? Do you have one? What helps you get past a craving? Is it heavy squats (probably)? Let us know how you’re doing, and keep up the great work!


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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