Eat Less Crap: Sept. 13 – Sugar Sucks

Check out this info paraphrased from Maximized Living Nutrition Plans on why sugar should be avoided: 1. Sugar is actually responsible for the obesity epidemic, not fat. 2. Sugar messes with your delicate little chemicals, particularly insulin and cortisol. This can lead to illness and premature aging. 3. Sugar can burn out insulin receptors and cause diabetes. 4. Sugar makes the body more acidic. Diseases like acidic things. 5. Sugar causes inflammation, and inflammation is responsible for almost all disease. 6. Sugar actually causes high cholesterol. Look it up. It’s true. 7. Sugar leads to heart disease. 8. Sugar sucks the life out of you: it actually costs the body more energy to manage sugar than it gains from sugar. It’s like minting pennies; they cost more to make than they’re actually worth. 9. Sugar is a toxin, and your body tries to eliminate it from the bloodstream. 10. Sugar promotes cancer and feeds cancer cells. If you’re surprised by this info, do some reading on sugar. You’ll go from surprised to shocked, and you might reconsider some of the things in your diet.


The Perfect Time To Begin Is Now

It’s a mistake to wait for everything to be “perfect” to begin your fitness & nutrition journey. Life is a laundry list of events, holidays


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