CrossFit Open WOD 1

Winnipeg—Tonight we see how the last year of training has gone. In 2010, Crystal missed going to regionals by a few spots after one bad workout, and it lit a fire for her to qualify this year. For the last 12 months we’ve focused her training for the 2011 competition season, which starts for her tonight. We broke Crystal’s training into some blocks to emphasize different things and bring up a few weak spots, but the training was still CrossFit: it was constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. That doesn’t mean it was random. We really worked hard to bring up the upper-body strength and get better at the Oly lifts, which are always challenging for tall people with an endurance background. We also continued to build up strength while getting her comfortable with longer periods of high power output. We adjusted things for a few competitions that popped up here and there, but all in all we’re right on track. Crystal was rewarded with her first real muscle-up last week, and she’s about an inch away from handstand push-ups. Her row times are excellent, and her strength numbers are great. We’re a few inches away from some major Oly breakthroughs. Gymnastics stuff and endurance are right where they should be. Last year, we just didn’t have enough time to prepare, but this year we feel so much more ready to test all the CrossFit movements across six workouts in six weeks. And at the end of it all, I’m sure we’ll get Crystal to regionals! She’ll be doing the first workout tonight at Freak Fitness thanks to Darren Mehling. Darren and I decided to match up Crystal and Jenn from Freak to push each other to some great performances, and I can’t wait to see what these two great athletes do tonight. We’ll get the camera on the workout and post some footage ASAP! Good luck!


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