CrossFit Games Update: July 13

[/caption] If the Open was for the masses and Regionals were for the very best, the CrossFit Games are for the truly elite. And even in that field of amazing athletes, many competitors can’t finish all the workouts. It’s interesting to think that the “worst” CrossFit Games competitor would be the best athlete in all but a handful of gyms. As we get deeper in the events, you’ll see a trend emerging on the leaderboard: the top athletes seldom take really horrible scores. But even Rich Froning took an 18th and a 16th on two events. But he didn’t take a 40. Even in events he isn’t great at, Froning can still hold his own. In events he’s pretty good at, he’s never far from the top of the pile, and he often wins a few along the way. That’s the first key to the Games or any CrossFit competition: consistency. Never take a truly bad score, even when your goats come up. Even better, kill your goats so they can’t come up. Well-rounded athletes will do well in a CrossFit competition, but the second key to competitions is being able to handle weird shit. Some great athletes are only good in their comfort zones, and CrossFit is all about making your comfort zone disappear. The best athlete in the world should be able to do anything. He should be able to perform with reasonable skill in any workout. No matter how odd it is. Move a bunch of boulders over there and then do some double-unders. Sure. Run 1,000 meters and drive a golf ball 300 yards. Why not? Take this spear and kill something with it. OK. I’m joking, but you see the point, and it’s one that’s proven at the Games every year: you have to be ready for giant sets of monkey bars, 150-lb. medicine balls, stake drives, monster sleds, baseball tosses, deficit parallelette handstand push-ups, surprise swimming events, rescheduled events and anything else that a fit person should be able to do. Benchmark workouts are great because they show progress and help you measure gains, but just doing Fran, Diane and Helen is thinking inside the box. That’s why we have all the weird toys at the gym, courtesy of Dale. All that stuff is just a fun way to do things differently, which ultimately prepares you for life. More toys are coming, by the way. We’re after real-world functional strength, so we create all kinds of different workouts with different toys. Doing so ensures you’re ready for the challenges of life–or CrossFit competition. And guess what? It’s super fun. CrossFit really reminds me of one of my favorite Hunter S. Thompson quotes: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


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