CrossFit Games Update: July 12

[/caption] Yesterday Heather Gillespie from Canada West finished last in the swim-bike-run event, and she wrote something special about the experience. Read her story of the first event at Camp Pendleton here. I talked to Heather–one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet–right after the event was announced, and she said she doesn’t do water. But she said it with a smile. And she said that she was going to get in the water the next day and finish the event even if she had to flip over and backstroke it. I didn’t realize what a struggle it would be, but Heather’s post on the CrossFit Lethbridge site tells the story. You know something is tough when people at a CrossFit competition are telling you to stop. But Heather didn’t stop, and she finished the event. Can you imagine fighting through a scary swim in the ocean, shaking for 10 minutes in shock, and then biking and running by yourself for 2.5 hours knowing you’re in last place? That takes a lot of guts and perseverance. Watching people make the decision to keep going is one of the most inspiring aspects of the CrossFit Games, and sometimes the best moments happen when all the other competitors are done and one person is still working. That definitely happened at Camp Pendleton. I can tell you this: I’ll definitely be thinking about Heather’s three-hour statement of determination the next time I’m struggling through a long workout I don’t like.      


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