CrossFit 204 vs. CrossFit Regina – Round 2

[/caption] Well, we lost the Labour Day Classic and had to pay CrossFit Regina 2,000 burpees. I’d say we did so with style and–dare we say it?–swagger, collecting almost 2,500 burpees from our members, their kids, and various friends and True Blue supporters who wanted to help us out. Now it’s time to take some revenge. The Green Riders are rolling into town this weekend for the Banjo Bowl, and we’re hoping for a blowout win by the Bombers. The loser of the game owes the winner 50 double-unders per point they fell short. So if the Bombers pull off a 30-point victory at home, which is probable, CrossFit Regina owes us 1,500 double-unders. Whatever the result, we’re looking forward to some great games and a bit of fun with Robin and Aaron’s fantastic Regina crew. Follow the fun on Twitter (@CrossFit204 and @CrossFitRegina) and Facebook. Trash-talking encouraged! Game on —and good luck to both sides!


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