CrossFit 204 Valentine's Day Massacre Confirmed Teams

[/caption] Here’s an approximate schedule of how things will roll leading up to the Massacre on Feb. 16 at CrossFit 204. We have a complete list of 12 teams with tentative commitments, and we’ll be finalizing that in the next day or two. At present, here’s the field of teams who are 100 percent confirmed: CrossFit 204 – Slayer CrossFit 204 – Iron Maiden CrossFit 204 – Mötley Crüe CrossFit Core K-Town CrossFit Rocked CrossFit Sublime Militant CrossFit Prairie CrossFit ShopGym Undefeated CrossFit Team captains will be required to submit a roster of two men and two women to [email protected] by Feb. 4, and the roster can only be changed if there’s an injury. You can certainly include an alternate in event of injury, but the alternate can’t be subbed in for specific events. Your declared team of four is closed once you submit the names. We will wait until each roster has been submitted before releasing any workout details. If teams are tardy in submitting, we will tell you who they are so you can nag them relentlessly. We are confident public shaming is the best route to encouraging deadline compliance. After the rosters are submitted, we will start rolling out details of the competition, including movements, events, scoring, heats, event times and so on. The goal will be to have most details released early in the week before Feb. 16.


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