CrossFit 204: New Location Coming Soon!

Winnipeg-After two years in its present location, CrossFit 204 will soon be moving to a new home! As some of you know, we’ve been looking for the right space for about a year without any luck. After considering a host of unsuitable locations, we just closed a deal that will give us all the space we need to take CrossFit 204 to the next level in Winnipeg. Stay tuned for more details about memberships, class times and workouts. Gear is on order, renovations are underway, and we’re going to start the engine big time in July. In the period since April 2009, what started as a small, nameless bootcamp twice a week turned into an official CrossFit affiliate offering classes three times a week, plus unofficial sessions at the Assiniboine Athletic Club, in Mike’s driveway, in Dale’s garage, in the parks … . Basically, we’ve outgrown our current space. We’re grateful that we were able to use the space at the AAC for two years, but it just didn’t allow us to present the entire CrossFit program. We’ve loved having use of a big set of stairs, but we haven’t done enough heavy lifting, or pull-ups, or Olympic lifting because we never knew when the racks would be busy or the security guards would complain about the noise. And we had to listen to Dirty Bit way too often. We’re so excited to be able to offer the whole CrossFit program in our new space. Soon, we’ll be opening Winnipeg’s largest dedicated CrossFit facility, and we hope to fill it with happy people who want to be fit and healthy. Trust us: you’re going to love dropping a barbell loaded with rubber plates! The new place is located in St. James within a football field of Polo Park, and our giant concrete bomb shelter will allow us to do everything we’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t. We’ll have more gear, daily classes, better class times, better parking, more instructors—but we’ll still have the same great community we had at the AAC. And that community has our deepest gratitude. In every class, you guys inspire us and energize us. The fact that you show up and sweat means the world to us. Thanks go to all the athletes who have trained with us, especially those who have been with us right from spring 2009. Without your support, we couldn’t do this, and you make CrossFit 204 everything it is. Stay tuned for more announcements and a grand-opening celebration! If you thought things were fun already, just wait. And if you’re thinking about trying CrossFit in Winnipeg, now’s the time!


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