CrossFit 204 Massacre Event 4: The Four Horsemen

[/caption] Event 4: The Four Horsemen Event 4 will be for time, and the time will include the 5 minutes dedicated to Event 3. The time cap will be 25 minutes total for both events, but they are scored separately. At the 5-minute mark, Event 3 will end, and Event 4 will start. In Event 4, each member must complete all work prescribed below before the time cap. If a team does not complete the reps, each incomplete rep will result in one second added to the time cap; e.g., 10 incomplete reps would equal 25:10. For the partner carries, each length will represent 1 second. Row 500 meters 20 burpee box jumps (24 inches) 30 kettlebell swings (70, 55, 45, 35) 40 wall-ball shots (20 lb. to 10 feet/14 lb. to 9 feet) Each partner must be carried 150 feet. Scoring The event will be for time. Notes This workout will run much like the row-pistol-clean workout from 2012 Regionals. An athlete may load into the rower before the 5-minute mark but may not start until Event 2 ends. When it does, he or she rows 500 meters before moving through the prescribed work. No athlete may advance stations before the previous athlete has completed the work. For instance, if an athlete is slow on the burpees and another athlete completes the row, the latter athlete must stay on the rower until the burpees are completed. This is true for all stations, and judges will make sure you do not advance out of turn. Each kettlebell can only be swung once, and each kettlebell must be swung. Athletes may only swing one kettlebell, and the kettlebell will be carried from the KB station to the wall-ball station once the athlete completes the swings. Following athletes can swing any kettlebell that is still at that station. The partner carries will not be allowed to start if a team has left a kettlebell on the course. For the partner carries, any form of carrying is acceptable. Every athlete must be carried 150 feet, but not every athlete must carry someone. One athlete could do all the carrying if you decide that is the best strategy. The team’s time stops when the last partner is carried over the line. Standards Row: The athlete cannot touch the handle until the judge says so. The distance is 500 meters. The handle must be placed back in the holder. All damper and stretcher settings are allowed. Burpee box jumps: The athlete starts on one side of the box and drops to touch chest and thighs to the floor before traversing the box by jumping over, on and over, or stepping over to the other side. That is one rep. You do not have to extend your hips at the top of the box, but both feet must travel over the top of the box in some manner; you may not step over and drag the trailing leg along the side of the box. All boxes will be 24 inches for all athletes. Kettlebell swings: The wrists or forearms must touch the thighs at the bottom of the swing. At the top of the swing, the entire kettlebell must be over the head. Small inclinations are acceptable provided the athlete is in control and the entire kettlebell is over the head. The swing-to-press variation is acceptable. Dropping the kettlebell except to avoid injury is a 3-burpee penalty at the judge’s discretion. These are the same standards we used at the CrossFit 204 Classic, and you can watch the standards video on kettlebells here. You must carry your kettlebell to the wall-ball station. Wall-ball shots: At the bottom of the rep, the hip crease must be below the top of the knee. At the top of the rep, the ball must touch on or above the 9-foot line for women and on or above the 10-foot line for men. Women will use the 14-lb. ball, and men will use the 20-lb. ball. The lines are painted above the required heights, so hitting the line is acceptable, but judges will not count questionable reps. If you drop the ball, it must come to rest before you pick it up again. Partner carry: After all team members complete the wall-balls, the partner carries begin. Carry your partner from behind the line around a box 75-feet away, then come back. If you put your partner down due to fatigue or error, you must pick up where you left off. Only 1 pair may be on the course at a time, and another pair may not start until the previous pair crosses the line. Again, all members must be carried, but not all members must carry. As they are released, all event details will be collected into one post that will be updated regularly. View that post here.


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