CrossFit 204 Massacre Event 3: Countdown to Extinction

[/caption] Updated Feb. 5 at 10 a.m. to correct the order of toes-to-bars and pull-ups. The toes-to-bars are first. Event 2 will be announced moments before it happens. It will be a max-effort challenge and will involve a tribute to our first responders. Event 3: Countdown to Extinction Event 3 and Event 4 will run back to back with a running clock, and there will be no reset time between the two. In Event 3, teams will have 5 minutes to amass as many reps as possible of the following: 40 toes-to-bars 40 pull-ups As many muscle-ups as possible in time remaining Scoring The score will be the total number of reps completed in the time allowed. Notes All team members do not have to complete successful reps, but each team member must make at least one attempt at each of the first two movements–toes-to-bars, pull-ups–before allowing teammates to complete the reps. You never know what can happen when you try. Aside from this rule, there are no requirements for how many reps can be completed by each athlete. Provided all athletes make an attempt at the pull-ups and toes-to-bars, one athlete could complete all reps of all activities if you determine that is the best strategy for your team. If an athlete cannot perform any of the movements in Event 3, he or she will be fresh to carry the load in Event 4. The rings will be–you guessed it–metal, and they will be taped. The pull-up bars and rings will be set at approximately 8 feet. No boxes will be provided. If you have shorter athletes, they may jump or you may lift them to the apparatus. You may not assist them with the rep. You can tape your hands but you may not use gymnastic grips or gloves. Standards Toes-to-bars: Any grip is permitted, and any style is permitted. At the bottom of the rep, the heels must come behind the vertical plane of the front of the bar. At the top of the rep, the feet or the legs must touch the bar at the same time. Pull-ups: Any grip is permitted, and any style is permitted–strict, kipping, butterfly, etc. You must lock your arms at the bottom of the rep, and your chin must be clearly above the horizontal plane of the top of the bar. Clearly means the judge has no doubt that the rep is legitimate. Muscle-ups: Any grip is permitted, and any style is permitted except for gymnastics swings or rolls to support. At the bottom of the rep, your arms must be locked out, but you do not have to turn your hands out. At the top of the rep, your elbows must be locked while you are supported above the rings. As they are released, all event details will be collected into one post that will be updated regularly. View it here.


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