CrossFit 204 Classic General Information and Heat Times

[/caption] Below is a list of general information about the day of the event, including a tentative schedule. Download The Trooper tentative heats: here. We are located  at 483 Berry St. between Silver and St. Matthews. We do not have a sign. Please drive extremely cautiously. There is always photo radar around the gym (because we run so fast) and athletes will be running around the block at times. When crossing sidewalks to enter the building between 8 and 11:30 a.m., watch for running athletes and obey course marshals who may ask you to wait for a moment. DO NOT PARK IN D.A. NIELS’ PARKING LOT TO THE NORTH OF OUR BUILDING. We can’t emphasize this enough. But go into his store and buy some Paleo cooking stuff. Our back parking lot is also off limits for today. We’re cooking a pig back there. Please park on the surrounding streets.

CrossFit 204 Classic Schedule

We will do our best to stay on schedule, but please note that all times are tentative and subject to change.

Please check the info board regularly throughout the day.

Athletes, please ensure you are warm and ready to go before your heat.

7-7:20 a.m. – Athlete arrival and sign-in

7:20-7:40 a.m. – Welcome and Events 1-3 briefing

7:40-8 a.m. – Warm-up

8-10:30 a.m. – Events 1-3

10:40 a.m. – Events 4-6 briefing

11-11:30 a.m. – Events 4-6

11:30 a.m.-Noon – Lunch break

Noon-12:10 p.m. – Event 7 and 8 briefing

12:30-3 p.m. – Event 7

3:30-5:30 p.m. – Event 8

6 p.m. – Awards and feast

The first heat of Events 1-3 – The Trooper – is set to start at 8 a.m., and we are going to run this show like the German train system. Doors will open at 7 a.m., and athletes should arrive no later than 7:10 a.m. to check in and start warming up. There will be a short briefing at 7:20. The Event 1 heats are posted above so you know when you’re up. Don’t just show up for your heat time; show up at 7 a.m. to register. We will seed subsequent events based on the overall leaderboard, with top athletes going last. You will have to check your heat times after every event. Don’t wander off or you’ll miss your heat. We will have an online scoreboard courtesy of powerlifter/programmer Ryan W. You, your friends and family will be able to follow your performances all day. The link to the scoreboard will be posted shortly, and if there are any discrepancies between the online scoreboard and the scorer’s table, the scorer’s table will be considered official. You won’t need a skipping rope unless you want to use one to warm up. If you want to bring lawn chairs or umbrellas for the sun, feel free. We are a gym and don’t have many places to sit down. You can also hold the bottom of a squat if chairs are not available. We’ll have the competition area taped off for safety, and we’ll leave lots of room for spectators. Let the little people go in front. Only athletes and judges are allowed inside the tape. There will be a lot of metal flying around, so pets are not allowed in the building. Children must be supervised AT ALL TIMES. The warm-up area will be fairly small, so share space and equipment and let the competitors who work out first warm up first. If it rains, we are going outside anyway. Bring extra shoes just in case. Wet, muddy shoes will not be allowed indoors as they will create a slipping hazard for others. Plan ahead. Athletes, volunteers and anyone who brings a dish will eat for free after the event. Anyone else who wants to hit Chef Nick Massie’s pig and the assorted buffet is in for $10. Mike and Lisa of Massage Athletica will be on hand to treat you for some of the day. You can also ask Mike questions about running while he uncoils your quads.


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