CrossFit 204 Classic Events 1-3

[/caption] Scoring system: We will be using the scoring system from the 2010 CrossFit Games: points are awarded for placing. First gets 1 point, second gets 2, etc. Lowest overall score wins. There are no cuts or DNFs, so reduced fields will not influence rankings. There will be 8 scoring opportunities, giving you lots of chances to prove your fitness in various ways. If you do not complete all the prescribed work in an event, your score will be the time cap plus 1 second for each incomplete rep. For example, if the cap on Grace is 5 minutes and you leave 5 clean and jerks on the table when time is called, your score is 5:05, and you will be ranked accordingly. Event 1: The Trooper Run 820 meters 15 heavy snatches (load TBA, power or squat as needed) Run (200-1.5 km?) 30 front squats (205/145 lb.) Time cap: TBA Additional details released prior to the event. This event will have three scoring opportunities: 1. Time for the first run. 2. Max number of unbroken front squats in the first set. [caption id="attachment_2472" align="alignright" width="300" caption="This squat is clearly below parallel. Squat deep to avoid no-reps."][/caption] 3. Total time to completion (or cap time + incomplete reps). This is a Regional level competition, so the loads will be challenging. For some, the snatches might be difficult, and that’s fine. You will still receive a score. If you get stalled on the snatches and do not advance to the second run and the squats, you will receive a 0 for the front-squat event, but you will still receive a score for the overall workout. If the front squats are heavy, each set might be 1 squat clean. That’s fine. You will still receive a score. The second run will be considered “1 rep,” just as the farmer carry at Regionals was 1 rep. If you do not complete the second run under the time cap, it is a 1-rep penalty to be added to the 30 unfinished squats. If you complete all the snatches but do not complete the second run, your score will be the time cap plus 31 reps. Standards To keep things moving on event day, we will release standards videos in the coming weeks so we don’t have to go through lengthy briefings during the competition. We’ll make everything clear ahead of time. The basics are below, and we reserve the right to tell you to stop doing something if you find a way to short-circuit the standards with an “uncommon movement.” Run: Complete the courses as directed by course marshalls. Snatch: Bar starts with both plates on the ground and is moved overhead. The feet must be brought side by side and the bar must be over the base of support (mid-foot) under control before lowering (you may drop the bar). The bar may not rest on the shoulders or touch the shoulders, chest or head at any time. Muscle snatches and split snatches are permitted provided standards noted above are met. Pressouts are allowed, as are knee touches, as long as all standards noted above are met. Deadlifts and hang snatches are not allowed. Front squat: Bar starts with both plates on the ground. Athletes will power-clean the bar and begin squatting, or they can squat-clean the bar to start their first rep. You must keep the bar in the front rack position with some part of each hand (wrist to fingertips) on the bar at all times. If you take a hand off the bar during a rep of your first set, that completes your set for the second scoring opportunity and is a no-rep. You do not have to drop the bar if you can re-achieve a legal grip  and continue – but your scoring set is complete. In subsequent unscored sets, hands leaving the bar is a no-rep, but you may continue the set without dropping the bar if you re-establish a legal grip. Minimum squat depth is top of hip crease even with knee cap; i.e., a squat to parallel. However, if the judge has doubts, the rep doesn’t count. Make depth obvious for the best score. At the top of the rep, your hips and knees must be fully extended (i.e., you are standing up) with both hands on the bar. If you drop the bar just before locking out your hips and knees, it is a no-rep. Show control at the top. If you complete 30 unbroken squat reps and have time on the clock, your workout time will be logged as complete, but you may continue to add more unbroken reps until time is called as a built-in tiebreaker.


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