CrossFit 204 Classic Event 7

[/caption] Event 7 will take place outside unless there’s lightning. If it rains, we’re still going outside. It’s actually called “Prowlerslave.” Event 8 will be announced at 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 13. Event 7 – Prowlerslave 1 sled push and sprint (distance, load TBA) 3 rounds of: 20 kettlebell swings (70/55 lb.) 20 box jumps (24 inches) 1 sled push and sprint Time cap: 10 minutes To be clear, this workout starts with a sled push and sprint, and there is an additional sled push and sprint at the end of each round. The sled load and distance will be determined by the field conditions on the day of the event. For this workout, we are making no distinction between poods, pounds and kilograms. You’ll swing something around 55 lb. or something around 70 lb. Standards: Sled push and sprint: Complete the course as directed by course marshals. No cleats. No ramming. Kettlebell swings: At the bottom of the rep, both wrists or forearms must touch the thighs. At the top of the swing, the kettlebell must be overhead with the knees, hips and elbows locked out. The handle DOES NOT have to be exactly perpendicular to the ground, as at the 2011 Regionals. Judges will be looking for the entire kettlebell to be completely over the athlete’s head and base of support (the feet), and small inclinations of the bell will be allowed so long as no part of the bell is past the forehead; i.e., not overhead. Similarly, if you manage to get the kettlebell overhead by leaning forward at the ankles (the Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity Lean), it will be a no rep if the bell is not over your base of support as well. We will clarify this standard with video shortly. The swing-to-press variation is allowed so long as all other standards noted above are met. To prevent craters and rolled ankles, dropping a kettlebell at the end of any set is an immediate 3-burpee penalty. Athletes may only drop a kettlebell to prevent injury in the case of an overswing. Those drops will not be penalized at the judge’s discretion. Box jumps: Both feet must contact the ground at the bottom, and both feet must contact the box at the top. The completion of the rep is defined as both feet on the box, with the hips and knees fully open and the athlete under control. Jumping off the box to open the hips is a no-rep unless the finished position has already been established. If an athlete cannot maintain balance to establish the finished position, it is a no-rep.


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