CrossFit 204 Classic Event 6

[/caption] At the end of Event 5, the flexed arm hang, you will move immediately to the rowers, and you will have no more than 50 seconds total to get to the next station and make your adjustments. Event 6 – Two Minutes to Midnight Row 200 meters Row: The judge will start you as a group between 30 and 50 seconds after you come off the flexed arm hang, giving you about 1 minute to finish the 200-meter row. You will start as a group but the C2 monitor will be the official timer. You will not be allowed to touch the handles until the judge says go. To make room for the next heat, you will be pushed off the rower with a sharp piece of PVC if you do not move fast enough after completing the row. If a rower monitor flames out, you will be allowed to redo the row during the first available break in the heats. Sprint rowing resources (subscription required): Common Rowing Issues Rowing Fast Event 7, Powerslave, will be announced at 9 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 10.


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