CrossFit 204 Classic Event 5

[/caption] This event will begin exactly 20 seconds after Event 4 concludes. At the end of Event 5, you will have 20 seconds to get ready for Event 6, which will be announced Aug. 8 at 9 a.m. You must move quickly between stations. Water breaks are not recommended. Event 5 – Two Minutes to Midnight Max fat-bar flexed arm hang in 1:40 Standards Flexed arm hang: The athletes will be standing on the floor and will be told to “go,” as the clock buzzes to start the 1:40 interval. The judge will start the stopwatch as soon as the chin is clearly over the bar. The set ends when no part of the chin is over the top-most part of the bar; i.e. some part of your chin must be over the horizontal plane created by the top of the bar. Accidental dips below the bar will end your set. You must keep your chin over the bar at all times, and you must keep your chin and neck away from the bar. If your chin or neck accidentally brush the bar, it is not a fault so long as you immediately end the contact and the chin remains above the bar as noted above. The judges will end your set if you do not immediately get your chin/neck off the bar or derive any advantage by using your chin for assistance. Don’t make the judges make a judgement call. Stay clear of the bar. Underhand or overhand grips are permitted. Gymnastics grips or gloves are not permitted; tape is permitted. Our bars are 8 feet off the ground, and we are using fat bars. Men must jump to the bar from the floor; women will be allowed to jump off 2 45-lb. Rogue bumpers. Athletes will be told to jump as the clock buzzes to start the 1:40 interval, but the judge will not start the stopwatch until the chin is clearly over the bar. As such, the maximum score possible will be slightly less than 1:40 if you maintain the hold until the final buzzer. The time will conclude when the clock signifies the end of the 1:40 interval, but the judges’ stopwatches are the official time. As an added bonus, you will get to stare down other competitors while you hang. No sunglasses allowed.


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