CrossFit 204 Classic Event 4

[/caption] On Friday, Aug. 17, the 8 p.m. time slot will be open for any CrossFit 204 Classic competitors who want to come in and do any last-minute preparations or check out the facility layout. Mike will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. We’ll boot you out at 9 p.m. sharp so we can get the next day’s events set up. Events 4-6 will be single movements performed back-to-back for a maximum interval of 1 minute 40 seconds. You will have 20 seconds to transition between stations. Event 5 will be an isometric hold for time; e.g., an iron cross. It will be announced Aug. 7 at 9 a.m. Event 4 – Two Minutes to Midnight Max handstand push-ups in 1:40 Standards: Handstand push-ups: We will be using the 24×36 box from Regionals (see pic above right). Your palms must be inside the box at all times, but your fingers and feet can be outside the box if you like. You may kip, and you may use as many sets as you like in the 1:40 interval. You must lock your elbows out at the top and touch your head to the floor at the bottom. You must face out from the wall. You must wear shoes, but your heels do not have to touch the wall except on the final rep of a set; i.e., you may perform free-standing HSPU as long as your elbows are clearly locked out and your head touches the ground on each rep. On the last rep of any set, both heels MUST touch the wall under control before you kick out to end the set. Locking out while falling away from the wall is a no-rep. Falling away from the wall and wildly throwing your feet to the wall to make contact is also a no-rep. Show control. Reps must be fully locked out before time is called. If time is called and you have just completed a free-standing rep, you do not have to touch your feet to the wall, but lockouts falling away from the wall still do not count. The judge will evaluate whether you are under control.


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