CrossFit 204 Classic Debrief

[/caption] The CrossFit 204 Classic had three purposes: 1. Show spectators what CrossFit is all about. 2. Inspire other athletes to compete. 3. Give top athletes a chance to compete against each other. After nine events – we added a surprise Atlas stone event a la Dave Castro – and a pig roast, it’s safe to say we accomplished all three goals. In the final event, Chelsea Miller – always one of Canada’s top CrossFit athletes – and Crystal K-P were within a few points of each other, and Tyson Takasaki and Curt Manning were in a dead tie. You can’t ask for much more than that. We believe every chance to compete makes our athletes better, and having them compete against the best in Canada just prepares them that much more for CrossFit Games Regionals in spring 2013. We also enjoyed seeing all the good friends we’ve made at regional competitions and meeting new ones who made the trip. When the events were announced, some people asked if they were finishable, and I said yes – but not by everyone. The events were supposed to be challenging to everyone, including the top athletes, and that means they had to involve some heavy weight and some harsh time caps. But when you watched the top athletes get to the hard stuff, it certainly didn’t look very hard. And they pushed each other big time on Saturday Watching two-time CrossFit Games competitor D.J. Wickham snatch 155 for easy reps is but one example of how incredible the top athletes are. But we don’t all have to be elite. All we have to be is inspired to be the best for ourselves. When you watch someone destroy a 275-lb. deadift, 150 lb. doesn’t seem quite so heavy in the next workout. And for those who want to compete? The Classic competitors make a great bunch of role models. [caption id="attachment_2580" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Just two of the many amazing volunteers! Thank you!"][/caption] For those on the outside of our community, it was great to show off a new sport. Some criticize CrossFit because we make up workouts and count the reps. Yes, we do – and we have a hell of a good time doing it. People say CrossFit is all about bad form because of its intensity. If you watched Chelsea Miller snatch 95 lb. or Vanessa DeGirolamo deadlift 205 for reps, you didn’t see a lot of form breaks. What you did see was a great group of people supporting each other and having a great time. And then we roasted a pig. Thank you to everyone who brought food to the barbecue! Women 1. Crystal Kirby-Peloquin – CrossFit 204 2. Chelsea Miller – CrossFit Calgary 3. Lindsey Ingram – CrossFit 204 Men 1. Tyson Takasaki – CrossFit 204 2. Curt Manning – Unaffiliated 3. Brett Smith – CrossFit 204 Complete results: CrossFit 204 Classic Scoreboard Thanks go out to all the athletes who travelled to see us, as well as all the volunteers who supported us. The picture above is of the scoring table as a reminder that events like this don’t happen without volunteers. As you look at pictures of the event, you’ll see a volunteer is in almost every one. We were supported by volunteers from the awesome 204 community, but also by volunteers from Shop Gym, Prairie CrossFit, CrossFit Winnipeg and Undefeated CrossFit. All of them have our everlasting thanks and utmost respect. We were also supported by some great sponsors who provided athlete gift bags, prizes, massage treatments, food and apparel, shelter and more. Their help was appreciated! CrossFit HQ Crystal Construction Golden Glove Oakley Optical Muscles By Myers Massage Athletica Paleo Nick Shop Gym The Smith Family Toyota We’ll do it all again next year, and we hope to see you there!


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