CrossFit 204 Athlete's Code

With the New Year upon us, we want to highlight an important document that’s posted on the wall of the gym: the CrossFit 204 Athlete’s Code. Our goal is to create a respectful, friendly community where safety, health and happiness are foremost. We also want to ensure that we are always meeting and exceeding your standards for a fitness facility. Our Athlete’s Code was created with one goal in mind: to create a special place for special people. The companion to this document is our Mission Statement, which is right beside the door to the gym. These documents govern everything we do. Please read through the Athlete’s Code and help us make CrossFit 204 the best community it can be!

Athlete’s Code

I will be treated with respect at all times, and I am expected to treat everyone in the community with that same respect. I will welcome new people to our community just as they welcomed me, and I will introduce myself to strangers in the gym. I will recognize that my goals and records are no more important than anyone else’s, and I will encourage fellow members to achieve their goals, as they will encourage me. I will hold myself to high standards of movement, because those standards produce results and ensure my safety. I will acknowledge every success, no matter how small. I will conduct myself with integrity during all workouts, whether timed and scored or not. I will be gracious in defeat and humble in victory, and I will cheer on my teammates and fellow competitors at events inside and outside the gym. I will wash my self and my gym clothes regularly or I will have a mutually uncomfortable discussion with a staff member. I will respect all equipment and return it to its place after every workout. I will park away from the receiving door in the back, and I will only park in the front D.A. Niels lot outside their business hours. I will always watch for traffic when running outside. I will always sign in for classes on the CrossFit 204 website. I will come to class on time, and if I’m late I will pay a fee within a week of one non-perishable food item for donation to Winnipeg Harvest. I will come to class even when I am tired and would rather sit on the couch. I know I will feel better if I do. I will eat better because working out is only half the battle. I will believe in myself and my ability to improve my life with fitness.


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