CrossFit 204 and the CrossFit Games Open

[/caption] Updated Jan. 30, 11:30 p.m. As we did last year, CrossFit 204 will be registering a team for the CrossFit Games Open, which is a worldwide competition and the first step toward Regionals and the CrossFit Games. For some of our athletes, the goals are indeed the next rounds of competition, and we hope to qualify both individual athletes and a team to Regionals, where they’ll compete against the best of Western Canada. Last year we were lucky enough to qualify two women and a team, though we did not send a team to compete. For others, including myself, this is just a great opportunity to test your fitness against tens of thousands of people and have a lot of fun being part of the CrossFit 204 team. Last year we had 17 athletes compete in the Open and Masters categories, and the atmosphere in the gym was spectacular. There is no pressure to compete, but I can tell you that if you do, it will take your training to a new level, and you’ll to experience the camaraderie of sweating it out beside some great teammates. The workouts are fun, and the Open is a great time. We’re hoping to field a large team this year, and we encourage you to come and cheer the competitors on as they do the workouts. [caption id="attachment_3167" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A few masters: Senior and Sonya after the wall-ball workout!"][/caption] Generally, the Open is programmed to allow participation by almost all athletes. Some knowledge of CrossFit movements is required, but you don’t have to be an expert. Last year, for instance, the first workout was 7 minutes of burpees. Horrible, yes, but very accessible to all athletes. We expect 2013 to be similar to encourage participation while still selecting the best athletes for the next round of competition. Our plan will be to do the workouts at the gym once a week, with some secondary slots open for people who can’t make the scheduled times. Last year we did the workouts Friday nights at 8 p.m., and we will probably follow a similar plan this year. More details to come. If you have questions about the Open, do not hesitate to ask any of the coaches. Most are very experienced competitors and will be able to help you out. If you want to create a profile, do so here: CrossFit Games site. If you have a profile from last year, it will still be active. The CrossFit 204 team is now active. Select CrossFit 204 as your affiliate and your team, and you’re ready to go! Good luck to all!


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