Create A Calorie Deficit Without Weighing & Measuring Your Food!

You don’t have to track your food to  create a calorie deficit!

I would suggest if you’re just getting started with nutrition, and losing body fat is your goal – tracking your food will deliver the best results with the least amount of frustration. But I know it’s not the best approach for all of my clients.

There are some simple ways to reduce calories without weighing and measuring every bite. Check it out!

1)Food swaps: pop can become diet pop, (or even better water or bubbly water), full fat can become low fat, eggs can become egg whites. You’re not required to overhaul everything you enjoy! Just by making even one swap, it will have a big impact.

2) Dining out: if you typically eat out 5x a week, make it 2-3 instead. Choose places with informed dining, and order lean cuts of meat with salads and get that dressing on the side. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life to make some progress a you just need to balance your goals!

3) Portion control: use the plate model! This might be the biggest game changer of all. Just a mindful approach to how you build your meals. 25% protein, 25% starches or fruit, 50% veggies. An easy visual way to manage your intake without a scale!

4) Schedule: structure is a great way to manage mindless eating or late night snacking with Netflix. Plan your meals and snacks and if you know you like a bedtime meal, use some of the tips above to manage it!

If you need help making some changes with your nutrition, and you don’t know where to start – reach out and let’s chat.

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