Client Story – Chris Hendrickson!

I would recommend Crystal and 204 Lifestyle to literally anyone. I do not have enough good things to say about her. I have been a long-time client of Crystal’s, both at Functional Fitness 204 and 204 Lifestyle.  Crystal IS amazing and I know she is a top-notch fitness and nutrition coach from first-hand experience.  It’s so easy to ‘buy-in’ to her nutrition program because Crystal practices what she preaches and lives it…each and everyday.  She’s such an inspiration and wants all her clients to be successful and meet their goals. She provides the expertise and holds you accountable for your progress.  If you follow the program you will succeed.

I travel a lot through the summer and fall for work and my poor nutrition reached new heights this last year, despite working out as much as I could when I was home. I added a lot of extra weight.  I didn’t enjoy eating anymore and drinking wasn’t fun anymore either.  I reached peak excess and wanted to change.  I wanted to be accountable and gain control of an ‘out-of-control’ aspect of my life.  Luckily, I have done the Trellis program before so had some background knowledge and was comfortable using the nutrition app.  It is hard to change and commit to changing your diet. It’s scary for sure.  For me the most enjoyable part were the bi-weekly scans to see the results and see your progress.  There are many days of drudgery and change can me slow, but once things become easier on a day-to-day basis, time flies and the results speak for themselves.  I was able to lose almost 35 lbs and most of that was excess fat.  I actually could have never imagined this was even possible.  I stuffed my face with healthy food daily, was never really hungry, yes… I had lots cravings, but with the flexible nutrition approach I could still have some of my favourite foods and always had room for some wine. My workouts were amazing at the gym, I was instantly stronger because I was carrying around waaaay less weight, felt so much better about myself, and had a great sense of accomplishment for setting goals and achieving them.  Crystal made all this possible.  She brings the knowledge, expertise and motivation and the rest is up to yourself. 

I know with my work life and travel schedule I may fall off again with my nutrition , but I KNOW I will return this winter to get healthy again with Crystal. It’s up to me.  I have all the know-how from Crystal, and life ain’t easy all the time, but she has given me a formula for success.  This sounds cliché, but I honestly say this from the bottom of my heart, that the best thing I have ever done in my life was walking into Functional Fitness 204 5 years ago.  Fitness is now a way of life for me and learning to master my diet makes me feel like I have control over my life, makes me confident, and makes me feel amazing.  Thank-you Crystal!!


Skate Skiing in the Dark?

We head to Mount Evergreen and ski under the stars, then plink some targets at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.


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