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Nutrition KickStart – 30 Days Of Healthy Habits!

I am excited to partner up again with Norak Functional Fitness to bring you another 30-Day Healthy Habits Nutrition KickStart! Over one month, we’ll help you develop simple but very effective healthy habits that will help you accomplish your goals. This program was a tremendous success the first time, and

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Drinking & Fitness: Do They Mix?

Here’s one of the most common questions we get: “Can I have a few drinks and still accomplish my health and fitness goals?” The answer is that you can mix drinking and fitness if you’re very careful and limit your intake. The key is moderation. Heavy drinking isn’t healthy, and

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Functional Fitness 204 Gear Lending Program for Members

Dear Pirates! Back in 2008, Crystal and I started collecting fitness equipment. Like Johnny Cash’s Cadillac, we literally built 204 one piece at a time whenever we got a little extra cash. I can tell you a story about almost every piece of equipment, and it’s all been lovingly cared

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