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The Perfect Time To Begin Is Now

It’s a mistake to wait for everything to be “perfect” to begin your fitness & nutrition journey. Life is a laundry list of events, holidays and seasons that make it seemingly difficult to begin. Those reasons aren’t going anywhere. So it needs to be your excuses that take a backseat.

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Belly Fat – Is It Bad For Your Health?

It’s totally normal & healthy to have body fat. Also there isn’t a universally perfect body fat percentage to achieve to be healthy. Based on genetics and some other factors, everyone stores fat a little differently. Of course, it’s better to look at overall health through a lense that includes

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Are We Destined To Have A Set Body Weight? There are several different theories that attempt to explain why our bodies appear to have a preferred “set” weight. Given the difficulty that most people have with sustained weight loss, it would appear that our genetics have hard wired a weight

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Client Highlight – Karly!

I love working with Karly! She is an amazing multi sport athlete who does it all. She has a very positive attitude, excellent work ethic and she is highly accountable. When we started working together she was very upfront about her goals. She wanted to look leaner but still be

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3 Things That Are Holding You Back

Most people I work with have at least one of these barriers: 1) Aligning expectations with effort2) Consistency on the weekends/holidays3) Cementing permanent changes In fact I’d wager that almost anyone who struggles with their health & fitness could say YES to at least one thing on this list. The

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The Element Of Work

Why do some people succeed at maintaining weight loss, or making healthy lifestyle changes permanently? They accept that there will always be effort required. They never stop working at it, even after they reach their goals. This is why it’s so critical to ask yourself – is what you’re doing

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The Muscle Mindset

What does it take to gain muscle? A lot of hard work & consistency in the gym & the kitchen, the right mindset and a little bit of genetics. Under the right circumstances: – Entry level athletes might gain 2-3 pounds a month– Intermediate lifters: 1-2 pounds a month– Experienced

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Is Fasted Cardio Superior For Fat Loss?

There is a long standing belief that fasted cardio burns more fat, and therefore has favorable effects on body composition. What does the research tell us? If you start the day with fasted cardio upon waking, with no intake of calories you will preferentially burn fat for energy while your

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If It’s Not Complicated, Why Is It So Hard?

Popular nutrition soundbite – “It’s not rocket science!” Yes, this is true. We’re not trying to explore space. We’re just trying to feel good, perform better, and look great. So why does it feel so difficult? We are creatures of habit. It doesn’t matter if those habits are healthy or

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Training & Your Menstrual Cycle

Fitness Training and Your Period I first became aware of how my period and menstruation cycle affected my training in my mid-20s. I can’t say for sure that it didn’t affect exercise before that, but I noticed a definite shift in my PMS symptoms around 25. As I paid more

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