5 Things Our Most Successful Clients Have In Common

We’re half way through March, and you might be reflecting on your New Years Resolutions. You’re contemplating if you have succeeded, if you’re still moving forward or, if you have absolutely failed. Your perception of success is greatly influenced by what you focus on. Framing your goals properly can be instrumental in your success and help you develop and maintain lifelong healthy habits.

We have a particular interest in how you pursue your fitness and nutrition goals. Our area of expertise is helping clients build and maintain lifestyle habits that they can sustain over the long term. We’re working with clients who want permanent solutions to their problems. This doesn’t involve fast fixes that offer temporary results and no education. We don’t want you to rely on us to succeed –  we want you to learn how to do it on your own. 

Our most successful clients have a few things in common. We’re excited to share five of them them with you so you can implement them and experience similar results. Everyone’s journey is unique, but there are some effective habits that work across a broad demographic of people and are proven to help with long term success and adherence.

They Manage Expectations

Clients who are looking for miraculous and fast results won’t find what they are looking for in our program. Easy fixes and trendy diets are not what we’re prescribing. This philosophy immediately sets the tone and helps clients buckle up for a more process oriented journey.

We move the focus away from a specific number, or a set time frame and instead ask the client to describe where they want to be in a year from now. What skills do they want to acquire? How much time and money can they realistically invest? How committed are they?

Clients who are prepared to play the long game and deal with setbacks and keep working, always succeed.

They Focus On The Process

“This is just how I eat now. It’s not a diet – it’s what I do everyday”. Comments like these are always a good sign that we’re moving in the right direction. It signifies that a specific timeline has disappeared and a new habit has formed. We’re not worried about the outcome at this point, we’re focusing on the daily wins.

Building new habits takes time and effort. Clients who focus on the process acknowledge that every time they grocery shop, meal prep, schedule a workout and make it, they are succeeding. They stay present and honor each and every effort, no matter how small.

They Change Behaviours

Clients who create new healthy habits are changing their behaviours. They are creating a new identity through small daily actions. Going to sleep earlier so they can get their workout in and have more energy, packing lunches and snacks, walking instead of driving are just a few examples of behaviour changes. They might even adjust their social circle with their new healthy lifestyle.

These clients don’t perceive themselves as on a “plan” or a “program”. They are building the lifestyle that supports their goals by altering their behaviour.

This abstract concluded that sustained weight loss over time is possible and dependant on behaviour changes.

They Are Self Reliant 

The most successful clients are honest with themselves and with their coach. These clients understand that their success hinges on their own adherence and work ethic. They are accountable to themselves first.

Clients who are able to check in with themselves and admit when things aren’t going well can find solutions a lot faster than clients who won’t accept ownership. Coaches can help you work through barriers, but only if they know what those barriers are.

Successful clients will continue to self monitor even after they reach their goals. This is an important component to sustained success. 

They Manage Setbacks

An important aspect of managing expectations is emphasizing there is no such thing as perfection in this process. We focus on steady progress, and a mindful approach. This abstract reviews the inclusion of mindful eating and successful weight management.

When clients are realistic about their results, they move through setbacks and accept them as part of the process. This can include days when they don’t track, don’t workout, don’t see the metrics change and focus too much on the outcome. These clients can self regulate or even check in with their coach to reframe their thought process and just keep moving. 


If you’re making health and fitness goals, consider using some of these techniques to help you succeed. They work for our clients, and they can work for you.

This could be the year you make a permanent, positive change. We can guarantee that if it’s going to last, it will be rooted in changing your behaviours and building new healthy habits. It won’t be the result of a trendy diet, and it likely won’t happen overnight. Remember to manage your expectations even as you create the goal and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

Not you, not this time.


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